06 June 2012

A Love Story...

Who knew that love felt this way? That one would be so consumed with emotion is startling to me! My heart is overjoyed and I feel like singing!

I have to proclaim it to the world! I am in love... With my new vacuum cleaner!!!

I know right? Odd, to say the least. Our vacuum died a few weeks ago. It started making a very odd sound, squealing and the like. And then I smelled burning rubber. More than likely it's the belt, but the belt looks fine to me. John was supposed to look at it before he left, but he didn't, so he told me to buy a new one.

I feel like such a housewife. Seriously. I was in HEAVEN looking at all the different vacuum cleaners in the PX. There were oh so many different types to choose from! Some have retractable cords, others many different extensions... So many to choose from! Of course, I had a budget, so I didn't even waste time looking at the Dyson vacuums (although I would love to get one). I knew my main purpose would be to vacuum up the intense amount of hair that my poor dog has been shedding (my carpet went from tan to white...), so something that was higher powered would be what I wanted. What did I find? A beautiful high powered vacuum that is specifically geared towards pets. It has rubber attachments that would do a whole lot more to get the fur off of our furniture (and even off of the dog himself!). It was love at first sight. :)

I took it to a friends house and tried it out. To say it worked great would be an understatement. They had just moved in, and the vacuum picked up so much dust from their carpet! I knew it was going to be perfect for me! I took it home and finished putting the screws in and turned it on. My floor... It's so clean!! And beautiful!

I am in love with a vacuum, and I don't care who knows it. 

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