19 May 2012

Real Mom Moments

The Good: I've been reminded almost daily about how amazing it is to be a stay at home mom again. Yes, there are moments where I just need to get away, but being there when Balian wakes up in the morning, being able to put him to bed at night, kissing all of his owies and comforting his fears, that's what makes it  all worth it.

The Bad: The past few days I've been slipping slowly into an insanity coma. Balian has been (almost literally) attached to my hip. Any time he's been set down, I've walked out of the room, anything, he's screamed and come running, little hands beckoning me to come back. I can't even pee without him crawling into my lap.

The Ugly: Balian woke up screaming last night around 3 am, drenched to the bone. He's going to be a bedwetter until he's at least five. If not six. Or later. I changed his diaper and his clothes (during which he screamed... He apparently has an affinity for feetie pajama's), moved his blanket over the wet spot in the bed, and shifted him onto a dry spot. Don't judge.